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One year after the explosion in Beirut

On August 4, 2020, 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate improperly stored in the port of Beirut caught fire and exploded, rocking the entire city, shattering glass in buildings, and causing extensive structural damage in the port. At least 200 people were killed and many more injured in collapsing buildings or from breaking glass. PCPM Foundation was the first Polish organization to start a fundraising and to start helping those in need.


The people of Lebanon still need our support. You can help them: pcpm. org.pl/liban

The PCPM Foundation was already helping the injured people in the first hours after the explosion. Further assistance required funds – in a short time we managed to collect PLN 900.000 (USD 230.000), including PLN 100.000 (USD 250.000) collected jointly by the PCPM and the Gazeta.pl – internet portal. – One month after the explosion, we could already talk about regular projects for more than 1000 families in and around Beirut. The explosion has greatly changed who we help and how we help in Lebanon. Suddenly the Lebanese have become the recipients of humanitarian aid and remain among those in need, stresses Agnieszka Nosowska, the deputy head of the mission in Lebanon.

Tomasz Lipert, who supports the Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM with logistics, fought against time in Warsaw on August 5. – Either you pack everything up and deliver in-kind aid and medical equipment to the airport on time, or the plane flies empty. You have a few hours to complete your purchases, prepare bills of lading, deliver to cargo, and clear the merchandise. If one piece of the puzzle disappears, the entire mission is compromised. So we fought against time and everyone was standing on their heads to make it. I think that the well-known slogan „all hands on deck” perfectly reflects that day – he emphasizes. The rapid launch of the fundraising for the victims of the Beirut port disaster was made possible thanks to funds from the 2018-2030 Civic Organization Development Program (in Polish: PROO – Program Rozwoju Organizacji Obywatelskich ), earmarked, among other things, to strengthen the fundraising efforts of the PCPM Foundation.