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Autor publikacji: Matthew McQuaid

MEDEVAC Hub in Jasionka takes in the wounded from Ukraine

People wounded during warfare and cancer patients from Ukraine go to Norway, Sweden, Germany, or France for treatment. The Polish Center for International Aid Foundation's newly established Medical Transit Center in Rzeszow runs for that kind of people.

Drones, software funded by PCPM to help out urban planners in Northern Iraq

Advanced equipment and specified software received from PCPM allow us to plan spatial development and to improve the utility service quality within the city – said the head of Shekhan - Iraqi Kurdistan district, Khalid Nermo Zedo. The provided equipment for spatial development and road construction, water or electricity networks are that much more significant for the fact of mass immigration to this Iraqi province. The aid is worth $200 000 total.

PCPM secures running water for thousands in Iraq’s Shekhan Region

'Thanks to funding from the Polish Center for International Aid for new wells, pumps, and pipes, 1,400 people in Iraq's Shekhan region have clean running water, and that number is expected to grow to 5,000 as the network expands' – said the Water Directorate Chief of the Shekhan region, Khairy Khader Yazdeen. The Polish Center for International Aid has established a water supply network in town within the Shekhan region of Iraqi Kurdistan and the main leak canal in Batnaya – a town in the federal part of Iraq.

What if the school does not have a place for my child? – Ukrainian parents ask – We answer

We are currently getting the most calls from parents of teenagers who are supposed to go to secondary schools in the new school year in Poland, said the head of the hotline office (+48) 22 100 13 00 for education for refugees from Ukraine in Poland, Roman Sikotsinskyi.