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The mission of Polish paramedics and doctors in Brescia

For almost a week, Polish doctors and paramedics have been fighting for the health and life of patients in Brescia, Italy. While taking all necessary safety precautions, they work 12 hours a day in order to support Italian doctors, overloaded by their own duties. PCPM Emergency Medical Team (EMT) is a part of the mission organized in Italy by the Military Institute of Medicine.

PCPM’s Emergency Medical Team deploys to Italy

Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM, classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO), will deploy to Italy. Polish medical staff will support combat with coronavirus in the frontline field hospital at Brescia, in a region of Italy most heavily affected by the epidemics. At the same PCPM has deployed modular houses to North-West Syria, contributing to coronavirus prevention in overcrowded camps for internally displaced.

Thanks to the Poles, PCPM bought houses for Syrian families

Thanks to the nationwide fund-raising campaign and huge media support, we have drawn attention to the dramatic situation of Syrian families, and we collected funds to buy 52 houses! After crossing 3.5 thousand kilometers, they will reach the most needy families in northwestern Syria, where the biggest humanitarian crisis of this century takes place.

Poland EMT PCPM donate coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic equipment to hospitals

Poland EMT PCPM donated medical tents to Polish hospitals. The tents are designed for international medical missions. Now we use them to build field hospitals in order to verify patients before they enter the actual hospital or emergency department. Thanks to it, we will be able to decrease the risk of spreading the virus in the facilities, that are particularly exposed to it. At the same time, we will minimize the risk of closing those medical units. We also share medical equipment, disinfectants, disposable clothing and gloves.

5 tips how to protect yourself from the coronavirus and COVID-19

Here you can find 5 tips how to protect yourself from coronavirus COVID-19, prepared by Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM, certified by WHO.

Every day brings 50 new patients. Polish female doctors in Ecuador

They went halfway across the world to provide specific medical assistance. And they have our support. Dr. Joanna Gradek and dr. Urszula Włodarek attend the patients in Santo Domingo – a place demolished three years ago by the earthquake. Still, the access to medical assistance there is very limited.

We train medics in the West Bank in Palestine (2019)

Although paramedics are not lacking in the West Bank, Palestine, proper training is, and that is what the Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) is providing to the Palestinian population.

Floods in Sudan: now the floods are destroying the crops

The element destroyed the crops thanks to which these people were to survive next year. Now they have been left without food - co-workers of the Polish Center For International Aid in South Sudan are alarming.