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Following Instructions to Tenderers (General Part, p. 1. General Instructions /Timetable/), below please find answers to the Tenderers’ questions to be downloaded, together with additional documents.

Lebanon: financial crisis

Lebanon is enduring a severe and prolonged economic depression. The effects of the economic crisis are being felt acutely by citizens, but also by local governments which are unable to provide their residents with access to basic public services due to the lack of subsidies from the state budget and the drastically falling collection of municipal taxes. Thanks to funding from Polish Aid, the PCPM Foundation continues its development mission in Lebanon.

The PCPM supported school in Debre Berhan is open again!

The new school year has begun in Ethiopia. Students from Selam Chora School in Debre Berhan return to class. This is where the PCPM Foundation built the school kitchen and canteen. Both went into full swing to provide meals for the children. The project is financed entirely by the support of Polish Donors.

Construction of the New Market 
in the City Centre of Tilkeif

Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) intends to award a work contract for Construction of the New Market in the City Centre of Tilkeif in Tilkeif/Ninawa Governorate/Iraq, with financial assistance from the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, the “MADAD Fund”.

Iraqi Kurdistan. Good quality water already flows from the taps!

Residents of the Iraqi settlement Shev Baluka have access to drinking water! Just a few months ago they were trying to deliver it by connecter garden hoses, and today water already flows from the taps. It is one of several places in Iraqi Kurdistan, where the PCPM Foundation develops the savage network. Soon works will also start in the federal part of Iraq.

Iraqi fields like deserts. Thanks to PCPM, residents have access to water

Bibava and Kame are Iraqi villages located far from the center of the Sheikhan District and inhabited by dozens of many-children-families trying to make a living by working in the fields and sheep farming. They are “trying” because the temperature exceeds 40 degrees for six months of the year, and the drought has turned the surrounding fields into a desert. The PCPM Foundation found a solution and took care of access to water in this area. Water is already gushing from the ground - reports Jarek Zarychta from Iraqi Kurdistan.

Annual field drill of Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM [VIDEO]

Over three days we have set up large parts of our Type 1 fixed EMT and rehearsed the use of water supply and lighting systems, as well as conducted mandatory training for new EMT members.

Urgent: Support Afghanistan

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is unfolding. The PCPM Foundation has started to help refugees. How will the situation in this country change while depending on the scale of humanitarian aid? We present possible scenarios.