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PCPM’s mission in Tajikistan

For three weeks, a team of over twenty specialists from the PCPM Emergency Medical Team participated in the mission in Tajikistan. Medical specialists were working on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic nationwide, regardless of the circumstances. They supported hospitals in the capital of the country, in the Fergana Valley and in the Pamir Mountains. PCPM EMT was the only international medical team that reached the hospital in Khorugh, where there is a shortage of medicines, and places with access to oxygen are very limited.

Trainings for field officers of the Lebanese mission of PCPM are underway

As part of the ongoing preparations to resume activities in informal refugee settlements, field officers of the Lebanese mission of PCPM are currently attending a training on universal standards relating to shelter assistance.

The PCPM Emergency Medical Team is starting a mission in Tajikistan

A team of 23 doctors, nurses and paramedics is working in Tajikistan. Over the next three weeks, Polish medical professionals will share their knowledge and experience in the fight against COVID-19. The mission is implemented under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO).

There is no school, so there is hunger. PCPM helping in Ethiopia

A meal at Selam Chora was the only one that most students of this Ethiopian school could count on. There was no food at home. Fear of a pandemic forced the Ethiopian authorities to introduce a state of emergency and close all facilities. When it happened, many Ethiopian families lost their last hope. In addition to the fear of a pandemic, the lack of chance for any earnings, every minute people are more and more terrified of hunger increased by the locust plague, which deprives them of any chance to buy the food. We can give them this chance trough na pcpm.org.pl/etiopia. 

PCPM will provide shelter for 25,000 Syrians in Lebanon

Crowded camps in northern Lebanon have never been so dangerous for thousands of people. The risk of a spreading the pandemic, the approaching winter, another year of life in poor and unsafe shelters - these are the problems that PCPM will face in a specific way thanks to the new humanitarian project.

Polish medics returned from the mission in Kyrgyzstan

A team of eight doctors, nurses and paramedics from the PCPM Emergency Medical Team has supported hospitals in Kyrgyzstan for the last 10 days. Polish medics shared the experience they gained in Lombardy, working together with Kyrgyz medical staff. They have just returned. After the quarantine, they will continue their mission in the country.

Syrian families vulnerable to pandemic. PCPM is building quarantine stations with the UN

Six quarantine stations are being constructed in northwestern Syria, including one consisting of 52 modular houses, supplied by the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM). Specific help for Syria was possible thanks to a nationwide fundraising action. Today, we cannot forget about the dramatic situation of Syrian families - who remain defenseless against high risk of getting infected. Join our fundraising campaign: pcpm.org.pl/pomoc

Polish medics under the aegis of WHO will face the coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan

A team of eight doctors, nurses and paramedics from PCPM Emergency Medical Team responds to the appeal of the World Health Organization and will support hospitals in Kyrgyzstan. The 10-day mission consists of staff training in Kyrgyz hospitals, taking into account both - WHO guidelines and the experience gained during the recent medical mission in Lombardy, Italy.