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The authorities and residents of the Lebanese capital are beneficiaries of the „Cash for Work” program implemented in Beirut by PCPM

The authorities of the capital of Lebanon emphasize the high effectiveness of the help that PCPM brings to the city through the "Cash for Work" program, i.e. commissioning minor infrastructural and cleaning works to the local community. The beneficiaries of the program are also the poorest inhabitants of Beirut – both Lebanese and Syrians – for whom work provided by the PCPM is often the only source of income.

Poles are training emergency services in Tanzania. The Polish Aid flagship program implemented by PCPM in Africa

A Thousand medical workers employed by PCPM are conducting training for sixty instructors and 120 members of emergency services in Tanzania. This new flagship project will provide a range of training and medical equipment in addition to training. Thanks to us, safety in the region of Tanzania's largest metropolitan area, Dar es Salaam, will significantly improve in two years.

A lack of bread, power, and fuel – Lebanon under crisis. They need organizations like PCPM

Another crisis hits Lebanon – an energy one. Some Beirut residents only have access to power for 1 hour per day and a lack of bread as a direct outcome of a country-wide shortage of flour. In these circumstances, they desperately need humanitarian aid.

Our Polish Aid program partner visited PCPM Kenyan Firefighting Training Center in Kiambu

The Polish Secretary of State Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak visited our Firefighting and Emergency Service Training Center in the Kenyan capital. We presented the project outline, the actions implemented in close cooperation with Polish Aid, and the up-to-date needs of the Fire and Emergency Service Department in Kenya.

The PCPM will attend the Winfocus Medical Conference – 250 lecturers and over 120 hours of speeches

From 1-4th of December, the Winfocus World Medical Congress will take place. It will gather lecturers and participants from around the world. Given that PCPM providing help for years in the medical field also has a lecture.

Action in extreme conditions, dealing with severe wounds. The Emergency Medical Team PCPM completed a course in high-danger zone

Our Emergency Medical Team has completed a course on actions in a high-danger zone. ‘We focus on practical skills’ – said Doctor Pawel Szczunski. As our instructor pointed out, a crucial skill in this course is to give first aid quickly and evacuate the victim from a dangerous area.

Equality versus equity. How complementary approaches are required to support vulnerable Ukrainian refugees

Equality versus equity is a joint paper prepared by a team of NRC and PCPM experts exploring the social assistance extended to refugees from Ukraine who arrived in Poland since the escalation of the war in February 2022.

Challenging winter approaches Ukraine. The PCPM foundation delivers indispensable aid along with the CARE organization

The Polish Center for International Aid and CARE recently delivered financial aid to 6.000 people and made 11 transports with materials to internally displaced persons(IDPs) from the Eastern part of the country. Thanks to economic resource distribution, we were able to finance the next set of aid, which will help them survive the upcoming winter.