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The firefighters from Meru are the best in Kenya [VIDEO]

- In order for a firefighter to be able to enter a room full of toxic gases, he needs a suitable oxygen apparatus. From our partner, PCPM, we have recently received a compressor, thanks to which we supplement our cylinders with oxygen. Our firefighters also participated in water rescue training conducted by PCPM experts. Tanzania firefighters were training with us - says Fire Commandant in Meru, Joseph Njoroge after receiving the main prize in firefighting competitions.


Congratulations to Commander Jospeh Njoroge, as well as his entire unit, with which we have been cooperating for a long time, victories in firefighting events organized as part of the fire and medical symposium in Muranga County in cooperation with Kenya Council of Emergency Medical Technicians, the Kenfiba association and the Africa Fire Mission organization. We wish you further successes!

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