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Not only medicines and band-aids – the PCPM Foundation distributes medical equipment to Ukrainian hospitals

Six pallets of medical aid have arrived at hospitals in Svitlovodsk, Kharkov and Kryvyi Rih. Since the war started in Ukraine, the Polish Center for International Aid is organizing transports with medical support to Ukraine. Besides band-aids, medication, and special medical equipment (such as Ultrasound and ECG) the local medical facilities also received defibrillators.

“Support for women, paradise for kids” – Warsaw PCPM Education and Creativity Center (CEK) for moms with children from Ukraine is gives work, support and summer play camps for kids

The PCPM’s Warsaw Education and Creativity Center (CEK) ran together with mBank for Ukrainian moms with kids is not only the playing room, but a place where they can receive support form a psychologist, speech and language therapist and a place where some of the refugees found jobs. Thanks to CARE financial aid, during vacation period PCPM also organizes summer play camps for kids at CEK.

Розвиваючі майстер-класи для жінок з України

Багато жінок отримали величезний досвід і змушені були вирішувати несподівані проблеми, пов’язані з переїздом до Польщі, – пише Кінга Громала з Центру освіти та творчості PCPM у вступі до семінарів для жінок. Це спонукало до створення спеціальної програми розвиваючих семінарів, на які українські жінки можуть записатися у Фундацію PCPM вже зараз.

New fire station in Makindu, Kenya thanks to Polish aid and PCPM Foundation

Thanks to Polish Aid funding, PCPM is piloting a cost-effective fire station design. On 22 July, the Polish Ambassador accompanied by PCPM CEO inaugurated a new fire station in Makindu, Makueni County.

Farmers in northern Iraq: Thanks to milking machines donated by PCPM, we can sell more milk and have more money

"My flock is large, with about 200 sheep and goats. Shearing and milking them took a very long time. The milking machine we are using allows us to sell more milk and have more money," says one of the 80 farmers from Sheihan district in northern Iraq who received shearers and milking machines from the Polish Center for International Aid.