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Humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. PCPM medics come to rescue

The Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM assists people in need around the world. So far, we have worked mostly through our medical missions abroad. However, the current situation at the Polish-Belarusian border calls for our action here, close to our homes. We will work beyond the state of emergency zone, providing medical assistance to everybody who needs it.

Training Course on Design of Water Networks by using the WaterGEMS Program has started

Practical trainings on Design of Water Networks by using the WaterGems program addressed to the staff of Directorate of Water in Niniveh Governorate and Directorate of Water in Duhok Governorate are being provided by two professional trainers in coordination with PCPM staff. 

Officially Bibava and Kame villages with improved access to water!

182 families have gained access to water both in Bibava and Kame villages, located in Sheikhan district. The official opening of water supply systems in Kame and Bibava villages took place on 31st of October in Kame village.

Construction of the New Market in the City Centre of Tilkeif MASAR.IQ.6.PCPM

The above contract has been awarded to Zewa Company for Contracts Ltd. (KRO Sq., Duhok, Iraq). The contract value is 412,113.50 USD (four hundred twelve thousand one hundred thirteen and 50/100 US dollars).

Kenya. Annual general meeting and conference 2021

Heads of Fire Brigades from 2/3 of local governments of Kenya gathered this Friday and Saturday for the second conference of Chief Fire Officers Association, Kenya, supported by Polish Center for International Aid. This was a great opportunity to meet and confer with Fire Chiefs from all over Kenya, from Marsabit in the North to Narok in the South and from Kilifi on the Coast of the Indian Ocean to Bungoma on the Ugandan border.