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Taiwanese companies and society to support Ukraine 

Thanks to the generosity of the Taiwan Association of Community Advancement and with the support of the Taipei Representative Office in Warsaw, 48 cars have arrived in Poland with the aim of being delivered to Ukraine. 

PCPM helps communities with difficult access to health care in Palestine

The Polish Center for International Aid is conducting, in cooperation with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), a project of mobile clinics and renovation of rooms for receiving patients. Thanks to PCPM's support, a mobile clinic can operate in 32 villages, significantly improving access to medical care for women in particular. The Foundation's project reaches tens of thousands of people.

USD 4 million donated by Taiwan will support projects implemented by PCPM in Ukraine

The Polish Center for International Aid has signed an agreement with Taiwan to further support the neediest people of Ukraine. The nearly USD 4 million donated by Taiwan will support projects implemented by the Polish organization in several Ukrainian cities.

PCPM Foundation is already preparing and organizing winter aid for victims of the war in eastern Ukraine

Employees of the Polish Center for International Aid are preparing winter aid in the Kharkiv region for those people who have been trying to live near the front line for months.- Although it's the middle of summer, we already have to think about where, how, and how much aid will have to be delivered before winter to eastern Ukraine, explains Mikhail Kulpinsky, who is currently traveling through parts of Ukraine behind the Dnieper line.

Thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing the occupied territories. PCPM is also helping them in Latvia

The PCPM Foundation, together with the Latvian organization Tavi Draugi, has been operating on the Latvian border since November 2022, where over 2200 Ukrainians on average flee from the occupied territories weekly. Even during the winter, when traveling in the snow is laborious, these people take the risk of leaving their homes. For many of them, escaping through the Baltic countries, including Latvia, is the only way to reach Ukraine or the European Union.