Our strategic partnerships

Our strategic partnerships

Thanks to collaboration with companies, many of our projects have come to life. We’re eager to collaborate with businesses committed to making a difference. Together, we can create a more just and equitable world.

Meta has been supporting the activities of PCPM for years.Providing ad credits for social media advertising, allows us to reach thousands of people while reducing costs.

Meta has also become a partner of the POP Fund, supporting this project financially and substantively (a representative of Meta is a member of the POP Fund Steering Committee)

Google has committed to providing financial and technical assistance to PCPM. The tremendous support we received after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine allowed us to provide rapid and effective assistance. Google.org has also become a partner of POP Fund and is participating in the work of the Fund’s Steering Committee. Google employees have also participated in employee volunteering at the Education Center for Ukrainian refugee children, run by PCPM.

The Biedronka Foundation supports humanitarian aid to refugees from Ukraine in Poland and people affected by war in Ukraine. Together, we are implementing the ‘Package for the Family’ program. Our team delivered packages containing food and hygiene products to nearly 54,000 people in areas affected by the war in Ukraine. In 2024, the Biedronka Foundation also joined the group of companies involved in the POP Fund. Thanks to the funds provided, we are developing projects that help refugee seniors and seniors from the host community.