Support us

Support us

We provide aid to those who need it the most – the victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters as well as to inhabitants of developing countries. Without your support many of our actions would not be possible.

By making a donation, you can enable us to:

  • send our Emergency Team to places of catastrophes
  • purchase medicines for our clinic and mobile health centers which visit refugee tented settlements in Lebanon
  • help the most needy refugees in Lebanon – those who face health problems and families with huge debts
  • give access to education for Syrian and impoverished Lebanese children
  • provide food and health care for the victims of hunger in South Sudan…
  • …and much more.

Even a small amount of money can make a great change in people’s lives. Change the world with us!

  • Donations in PLN: 18114010100000522868001001
  • Donations in EURO: PL54114010100000522868001032
  • Donations in USD: PL88114010100000522868001002

e-mail: [email protected]