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Construction of the New Market in the City Centre of Tilkeif MASAR.IQ.6.PCPM

The above contract has been awarded to Zewa Company for Contracts Ltd. (KRO Sq., Duhok, Iraq). The contract value is 412,113.50 USD (four hundred twelve thousand one hundred thirteen and 50/100 US dollars).


Description of the contract:

Works will include construction of a two-storey building (ground floor + 1) of approximate area of 600 square meters (approx. 29.3 m x 20.5 m) seated on a foundation slab (raft/mat foundation), including:

  • demolition of the existing facilities and decluttering of the area of the investment;
  • preparatory works including securing the construction site and applying the health and safety at work measures;
  • excavation;
  • construction of the building.

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