Iraqi Kurdistan. Good quality water already flows from the taps!

  • Residents of Shev Baluka settlement, thanks to the PCPM Foundation project, have access to drinking water
  • There is much more drinkable water then primary tests showed, which will secure needs of many refugee families which will be more and more each year
  • Simultaneously there are ongoing works in two other villages in Iraqi Kurdistan, soon works will start in the federal part of Iraq

In Shev Baluka, a settlement lying on outskirts of the Sheikhan town, there was no water. Residents delivered water by connected garden hoses from an intake a few hundred meters apart. The PCPM Foundation built a sevage network for them, so that they can upgrade theirs living conditions.

– We found shelter, but the living conditions of our and neighboring families are difficult, and this year’s, especially severe, drought affects us a lot. It is tough to function without water in the house, it is difficult to maintain animals alive. That is why your project is a great help for all of us and a hope for the future – said Razheen, one of settlement’s resident.