More patients from Ukraine arrive at MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka

Wizyta premiera Flandrii w MEdevac Hub Jasionka
Wizyta premiera Flandrii w MEdevac Hub Jasionka

Since the beginning of its operation, MEDEVAC HUB JASIONKA, has received 258 sick and injured people and 79 of their families. At the end of January, the number of people who go to European hospitals through the hub will rise above 350.

The Polish Center for International Aid in Jasionka near Rzeszów operates a Medical Transit Center – MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka – for patients from Ukraine. It is one of the few such places in Europe. It was created to provide assistance and shelter for people who need to continue treatment, but do not have the opportunity to do so in Ukraine.

On January 24, the Prime Minister of Flanders from Belgium visited the MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka together with the Second Deputy Governor of Podkarpackie. They had the opportunity to talk with members of the PCPM Medical Emergency Team, as well as the project coordinator.

Prime minister of Flanderes visit MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka

On-site at the MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka, in addition to the PCPM, there are also representatives of the WHO and the European Commission, which is largely funding the entire project. The representative from the European Union, Paco Siguenz, who just arrived in Poland, was very positive about the organization of the hub itself by the PCPM Foundation.

– All operations are managed by PCPM, and they carry them out very efficiently. The management branch is professional, and we have a very good relationship with them. The team from PCPM always introduces us very well in meetings to the behind-the-scenes operations of MEDEVAC Hub Jasionka – assessed Paco Siguenz.

– The Hub is largely funded by the European Commission under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Our job is to share reports on operations and cooperation with the PCPM and other organizations like Humanosh and WHO – Paco Siguenez said during the Jasionka meeting. As he added: we are not here to coordinate operations and solve problems, which is the job of the PCPM. We are the eyes and ears of the European Commission.

Prime minister of Flanderes visit MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka

“MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka works in a fully professional manner”.

– This is my (only) second day, but in my opinion, everything works very well and professionally. All the people associated with the hub feel very confident in their work. Of course, there are unforeseen situations, but they always solve them, which also shows the professionalism of this team. What I have seen allows me to say that everything is going as well as possible,” states the European Commission envoy.

MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka was launched on September 1, 2022, on the initiative of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the involvement of the Polish Ministry of Health. The center is run and managed by the PCPM Foundation’s Medical Emergency Team. It is the first and so far only such group in Poland certified by the WHO. The team was established to save people during humanitarian crises and disasters. MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka is funded by the European Commission under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and supported by the IOM, WHO, and the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.