PCPM trains medics in Palestine. We will extreriorize candidates for instructors soon

‘The cooperation in the medical sector began in September 2021 and will continue until the end of 2023. We trained over 70 medics, from who we will select the best, and during the next stages, they will become instructors. From this preselected group, we will create sustainable emergency medical services’ – said Zuzanna Wójcicka, PCPM’s Palestinian project coordinator. As she stresses, ‘gunshot wounds are one of the most common injuries in Palestine.’

We recently trained medics from hospital emergency departments south of the West Bank, mainly in Hebron and Bethlehem. Participants had the opportunity to practice the knowledge gained in our online courses.

In total, the PCPM Foundation conducted 6 PATLS courses in 2022. We selected the best medics among the participants, who will begin training as instructors in November.

In March, we completed training in trauma diagnosis (FAST Ultrasound) in Ramallah, with 25 doctors from governmental and non-governmental institutions participating.

We also support Palestinian medics materially. The PCPM Foundation donated advanced medical phantoms to the ministry, enabling the uploading of numerous medical scenarios. They will serve the new cadre of instructors in conducting classes.

As part of our activities in Palestine, we are also supporting the Palestinian Medical Society (PMRS), which runs a network of mobile clinics, and we are also renovating medical facilities that will benefit up to 6,000 residents from 7 villages in the West Bank. We have already completed renovations to 15 patient reception stations in the Hebron district, improving sanitation and access for people with disabilities, among other things.

We are implementing the training program as part of the Polish development cooperation of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Polish Aid.

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