Action in extreme conditions, dealing with severe wounds. The Emergency Medical Team PCPM completed a course in high-danger zone

The Emergency Medical Team PCPM(EMT) is one of seven non-governmental organizations of this type. We can help in the most inaccessible and damaged areas for up to four weeks. Our Emergency Medical Team has additional medical materials, tents, power generators, water cleaning stations everything that is needed to provide aid.

 We can get to the farthest corner of the world in 48 hours, so medics must be ready for any adversity.

 In the first half of November in the Stolowe mountain range, close to 30 medics-volunteers trained with professional instructors. What is important, besides having a series of certificates qualifying to participate in these kinds of training, on top of their knowledge, they have multiple years of experience providing aid in a high-danger zone. As Robert Jędrych points out ‘in this training for the EMT, there is no place for advanced medicine. Above all, we learn to keep the victim (edit.: of the event) alive, so we can transport the person safely to a place where we give advanced medical aid’.

Our PCPM Medical Rescue Team has been operating in high-risk realities for many years. Our medics have helped in rescue missions in Nepal, Peru, Bosnia, Uganda, and Ukraine. According to Dr. Pawel Szczucinski, who has been working with PCPM for seven years, he helped to evacuate wounded civilians from Kharkiv. ‘You never know when you will find yourself in an extreme situation. Although when being in Kharkiv, I was closer to the warfare, I felt the most life-threatened when I was in Lviv when the Russians bombed the industrial plants’.

The EMT team also accumulated experience throughout 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting medics in Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ethiopia, Lebanon, and Madagascar. Opinions that it is one of the teams with the most experience in fighting COVID-19 in all of Europe are not a mishap. As the only Polish Emergency Medical Team, the PCPM team can carry out further missions, not only with the World Health Organization (WHO); but also in cooperation with the European Union, as it also formally operates under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

 The PCPM also operates a medical hub in Jasionka near Rzeszow. It is a vital part of the system for evacuating the wounded from Ukraine. More and more transports are coming to us every week. These are not only the wounded as an aftermath of military actions but also children with chronic illnesses who cannot stay in a country engulfed by war.

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