Aid for Ukraine. Report 2022-2024

Since the first alert on February 24, 2022, we have been in Ukraine. During those two years, we helped thousands of Ukrainians and Ukrainian refugees in Poland. We organized evacuations, delivered humanitarian aid, helped rebuild destroyed homes and public buildings in Ukraine. In Poland, we organized training, helped find housing and jobs.

Date 24 February 2024 marks two years since we faced the most significant humanitarian crisis in Europe and Poland since the Second World War During these two years the PCPM team initiated numerous projects and activities in Poland starting in February 2022, and we were expanded our humanitarian programmes in Ukraine which had been ongoing since 2014.

Wojtek Wilk PhD CEO Polish Center for International Aid

According to the UNHCR, nearly 15 million individuals in Ukraine will require humanitarian assistance across various domains, including 3.7 million people who have been displaced due to the war. According to this UN agency, the count of refugees seeking refuge across Europe will persist at approximately 5.9 million, with ongoing movement between Ukraine and host nations.

Below you can find a comprehensive report detailing our two years of work and assistance to the people in Ukraine.