Helping victims of war: Palestinians and Israelis

The Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) Foundation is launching an urgent fundraiser to help victims of the war in the Middle East. Civilians need help, as they are the ones paying the highest price for this conflict. Therefore, the PCPM Foundation is appealing for support for those affected by the war on both sides of the border, both in Gaza and Israel. The situation is very difficult, and according to PCPM experts, the conflict could spill over into neighboring Lebanon. In this country, Polish organization has been providing aid for many years.

The PCPM Foundation is launching a collection for humanitarian aid to victims of the war in the Middle East. The aid will go to Palestinians and Israelis in need.


Civilian victims of the war suffered the most

The escalation of the conflict in Israel and Palestine, since October 7, has cost the lives of more than 9,500 people. More than 1,400 citizens have been killed in Israel and more than 8,000 in Palestine. Many of them are children. The numbers are all the more horrifying. Nearly 20,000 people have been wounded as a result of shelling and bombing. These numbers are steadily increasing.

The conflict between Hamas and Israel has been ongoing since 2007. Then, this organization won the elections in the Gaza Strip. However, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict itself has been going on for more than 75 years. The latest installment, which also became one of the bloodiest days in Israeli history, began on October 7, 2023. Hamas launched attacks on Israeli military posts and border towns. More than 1,300 people were killed in these attacks.

In the following days, fighting between Israel and Hamas began, with civilians, including women and children, paying the highest price.

1.5 million people have had to flee their homes

Fighting has forced more than 1 million people in the Gaza Strip to flee their homes. They have fled to the south in fear for their lives. Tens of thousands of people have become homeless, although the total scale of the destruction is unknown. The conflict in Gaza is spilling over into Israel’s neighbor Lebanon. The tense situation between Israel and Hezbollah has forced evacuations of people from the border area. According to the Israeli government, some 500,000 residents have had to leave their homes.

As a Polish organization providing aid in the Middle East for many years, we cannot stand by indifferently when the civilian population becomes a target of attacks or a “shield” behind which one of the parties to the conflict takes shelter. We cannot just watch this situation, so we are launching an urgent collection to help victims of the conflict. Contributions can be made through

Zofia Kwolek of PCPM.

The PCPM wants to purchase medicines, bandages, and first aid supplies for civilian victims of the tragedy.

PCPM Foundation has been helping Palestine for many years

The PCPM Foundation has been supporting Palestinian medical services in the West Bank for the past 3 years by increasing access to medical care. It has also been implementing other aid projects in the region for almost a decade. Also in Lebanon, where the situation is increasingly unstable, the PCPM has been providing assistance continuously since 2012.

PCPM’s mission is to provide humanitarian aid while maintaining impartiality, neutrality, and independence. That’s why, in the first instance, through the collection at, the organization wants to help where the needs are greatest. The aid is aimed at Palestinians and Israelis in need.

*The photos used for illustration are not real. Respecting the dignity of the victims of the tragedy, the PCPM Foundation decided to replace the real images with symbolic graphics created by artificial intelligence (AI). PCPM thanks partner MUFU for its support in this area.