How Poland Emergency Medical Team faced COVID-19

Our first mission already starting on the 30th of March 2020 was to italian city of Brescia where the medics, doctors, nurses, paramedics from the Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM joined a team of doctors from the Warsaws Medical Institute of Medicine building together a group of 15 medical proffesionalls who provided staffing support to the intensive care unit number six in the city hospital of Brescia working there for over 10 days. This deployment for us was effectively our first contact with COVID. We learned an enormous amount of knowledge from the italian doctors- how to adress the disease, how to treat it, how to care for the patients, and I am enormously grateful for the italian doctors and the italian government for allowing us to extend a helping hand to Italy because that mission allowed not only for the polish people, for the polish doctors to learn more about the COVID19 disease before it came in earnest to Poland, but secondly for our emergency medical team we have taken on that experience to other countries.

HERoS is a Horizon 2020 project funded under the ‘SC1-PHE-CORONAVIRUS-2020 – Advancing knowledge for the clinical and public health response to the 2019-nCoV epidemic’ call. The research is being conducted between April 2020 and March 2023.