Education 2016

Education 2016

Support for education in southern Ethiopia by providing solar lights, library books and trainings for the primary schools staff members

Background and description of needs

Ethiopia, despite its spectacular economic growth during the last decade, is still one of the poorest and least developed countries in Africa. Therefore its needs remain huge. PCPM decided to support Ethiopia by contributing to its educational sector. World Bank report assessed that if all the adults in Ethiopia had finished at least 4 grades of primary school, the number of households below the poverty lines would have decreased to less than 18 % (out of current 40%).Improving quality of education service in school will be one of the biggest issue in providing sustainable and effective education environment for children. To this end, PCPM has been installing solar lights and provided books to school libraries since 2012. We work in the very south of Ethiopia, in the mainly pastoralist area, where people make their living from tending to cattle. Out of huge towns, with many miles to the nearest electric poles, having a bulb in the house is seen as a luxury. Working with cattle involves not only adults, but also children, who traditionally help their parents with household chores. Unfortunately it has a huge impact on the school attendance sheets. Children either do not go to schools, or have very little time to spend on learning. When they come back to their homes, it is already dark outside. What they can find in their houses is a small charcoal fire which does not give enough light to read a book or do homework.

To ensure a minimum of education in such areas, we need to look farther for a completely new solutions. Alternative energy, especially solar power, has a huge potential in Africa. Lighting few classrooms and at the same time providing much needed books can create conditions for learning in the first hours after sunset. In Ethiopia, close to the equator, the sun falls always after 6 p.m. Its time when most of the household chores finish and both children and adults can spend this time for learning.

In 2016 intervention focus on two main activities which include support for school infrastructure and providing “Trainings on Active Learning” program. Far from tarmac roads and big towns volunteers from Poland and staff from International Institute for Rural Rehabilitation, our Ethiopian partner organization will be work with lights installation in 100 primary schools from Oromia and Southern Nation Nationalities and People’s region’s. “Trainings on Active Learning” program which will be implemented for the first time in project history comprise teachers trainings in library management, effective methods of pupils reading skills improvement as well as solar system handling. In partnership IIRR based on own experiences and Ethiopian issue well-know is mainly responsible for project implementation. PCPM supports IIRR in this process. Provides general guidance on the appropriate use of the resources. Assists in beneficiary targeting method and training organization as well as solar light system field installation.


  • increase access to primary schools for children
  • decrease the rate of schools drop out
  • contribute to increase the rate of completion of students a full cycle primary education
  • promoting the concept of environmental care and protection among children and adults.