Poland EMT PCPM Experts Mission in Cairo

Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM experts have embarked on another mission in Cairo as part of the broader effort to address the conflict in the Gaza Strip, under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, following a request for assistance from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Members of the first Polish EMT (Emergency Medical Team) certified by WHO will support the office coordinating the deployment of medical teams to the conflict-stricken Gaza Strip and – as soon as possible – support the evacuation of the sick and injured from the Gaza Strip.

This is another mission of the experts from the team created by the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM). It will last two weeks. It is attended by experienced medics who have previously participated in humanitarian and rescue missions in Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. The Poles took up the positions of deputy coordinator of the office and medical expert.

The EU Civil Protection Mechanism is a system established in 2001 for coordinating rescue and humanitarian assistance in the event of natural and man-made disasters whose scale or nature exceeds the response capabilities of the affected country. The Mechanism provides an institutional platform for cooperation between participating states and EU institutions responsible for civil protection. It is a tool for common preparation, prevention and response to natural disasters or catastrophes. The assistance provided under it consists in particular in directing specialized and appropriately equipped rescue teams (modules) to action and providing material and expert assistance.

The Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM is the only medical rapid response group in Poland and one of the few in Europe, capable of reaching an area affected by natural disasters (e.g. earthquakes) or humanitarian crises within 48 hours. The Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM consists of proven and experienced volunteers: doctors, paramedics, nurses, GOPR rescuers, firefighters and other specialized rescuers, as well as PCPM humanitarian workers supporting them (over 150 people in total). The group of specialists associated with the EMT PCPM is systematically trained and expanded. Trainings conducted several times a year prepare rescuers to work in a group and for the specifics of international operations.