Poland has sent therapeutic food to South Sudan

South Sudan is a country where the war has been going on for almost 30 years– says Wojciech Wilk, Chief Executive Officer of PCPM. In this one of the poorest country of the world people live in really basic conditions. Conflict made the economy of the entire country collapsed, causing famine. The majority of children in South Sudan suffer from malnutrition. PCPM collected funds and bought special therapeutic food for children.

Two trucks loaded with highly energetic foodstuff worth USD 22,500 have left Nairobi and are on their way to Gordhim in the west of the country. It is the most populated region of South Sudan.

The food consists sugar, powdered milk, fats, vitamins and supplements. It is packed in sachets and will help the starving inhabitants of South Sudan.

– Children die of hunger faster than adults, yet on the other hand it is easier to save a child from death. If a child only is provided with therapeutic food,  the treatment is fast and effective. They can move away from the precipice of death by starvation, increase their body weight and all of their life parameters come back to normal level – explains Wojciech Wilk.

A famine-stricken child needs on average three sachets per day through two weeks in order to complete the treatment. The food amassed by the PCPM is enough to treat 820 children. However, there are still thousands of people in need.

The employees of the center in Gordhim supported by PCPM in addition to the treatment of extremely undernourished patients, fight diseases and conduct training in plant cultivation and hygiene for the residents of surrounding villages.

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