Summary of PCPM’s activities in 2023

panie siedzące przy biurku
panie siedzące przy biurku

Providing aid in Ukraine, supporting vulnerable Lebanese families, and enhancing fire and ambulance service in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Palestine, Nutrition Centre in South Sudan. Read the report summarising the activities of the Polish Center for International Aid in 2023.

Ukraine and Poland

The war in Ukraine continues, with a growing number of victims and refugees. While international attention wanes, resources for aid are dwindling. PCPM has taken steps to support Ukrainians both in their homeland and in Poland, a key destination for refugees. They launched the Polish Organizations Pooled Fund (POP Fund), allowing smaller organizations to compete for grants.

In Ukraine, PCPM delivered humanitarian aid packages, reconstructed and renovated houses, restored public services, and retrofitted shelters for children’s education. Additionally, the Foundation provided financial assistance and ran “Cash for Work” programs.

In Warsaw, PCPM established the PCPM Education Center, offering a Ukrainian curriculum and language support for refugee children. The Foundation also operated the MEDEVAC HUB transit center in Jasionka to assist patients from Ukraine.

Middle East and Africa

Since 2012, PCPM has been active in Lebanon, initially supporting Syrian refugees. Currently, PCPM mission staff also provides care to the most vulnerable Lebanese families suffering from the country’s severe economic crisis. PCPM assists local authorities with irrigation, sewage systems, and renewable energy solutions in a nation facing daily power outages.

The Foundation runs a Nutrition Centre in Gordhim, South Sudan, to combat child malnutrition. Additionally, they work to improve fire and ambulance services in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Palestine. PCPM’s projects in these countries, with a combined population of nearly 160 million, have reached major cities.

Read more about PCPM’s activities in 2023 in the Report below.