The “Package for the Family” program has reached 102 villages, assisting over 54,000 individuals in need

In collaboration with Biedronka Foundation, under the “Package for the Family” program, we delivered packages with essential products to 102 villages in eastern Ukraine. In total, over 54,000 people in need benefited from this assistance, including 22,000 individuals with disabilities or over the age of 60.

Although everyone felt fear, we were warmly welcomed by the local community; residents shared stories of the occupation.

Volunteers from Flogiston Team, a local organization collaborating with the PCPM Foundation on-site in delivering packages.

Aid from Poland, funded by the Biedronki Foundation and delivered by the PCPM Foundation, is an expression of solidarity and support for the citizens of Ukraine, particularly in areas where help from international organizations or volunteers rarely or never reaches.

We are often the first organization to arrive in a village with this specific assistance. We ensure that the packages are delivered directly to each family or individual. Every month during the program, we distribute approximately 4,000 packages.

Anna Radecka – Coordinator of Ukrainian programs at the PCPM Foundation.

The graphic below shows all the locations to which we have delivered assistance.

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