The transit center offers a number of services for Ukrainian refugees

Some 1,000 refugees transit through this site every day, arriving by train or bus from Ukraine – some of them as far east as Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia. Approximately 60% spend a few hours and move on to other cities in Poland or Europe, others remain in Warsaw.
The transit center offers several services, from train and air tickets, throtoldren’s playgrounds to dog and cat food, but first and foremost this is the place where Ukrainian refugees can rest and get some hot food. The medical post, staffed 24/7 by PCPM’s Emergency Medical Team sees 40-50 patients a day, with some requiring transfer to the local hospitals.
In addition, over the last month, members of Polish EMT PCPM supported the evacuation of patients from the hospitals in Western and Central Ukraine, as well as collaborated with the Polish Government in organizing the evacuation of over 350 pediatric cancer patients who received treatment in Poland and across Europe.

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