These are the voices of patients who have been under our care at MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka

Medevac Hub Jasionka - medycy pracują
Medevac Hub Jasionka - medycy pracują

New patients from Ukraine pass through the MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka every week. In total, more than 530 people came to the medical transit point, accompanied by 220 people. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the PCPM Foundation and partners, these patients received expert care at the MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka. What was their story like? Here are the voices of patients who thank the PCPM Foundation for the help they received.

Some entries in the commemorative guest book consist of a single sentence. Others contain many, but all of them fill us with a sense of satisfaction at the help provided and gratitude to see the patient’s health improve.

“We are from Vinnytsia and Kharkiv. We are sincerely grateful to you for your hospitality, vigilance, and reliable care for us. Everything was done professionally, we have no comments! Thank you for everything! Sincerely, your Ukrainians!”

“We are from Zhytomyr. We sincerely thank you for your help, for your vigilance, for your love and mercy towards us patients. May God protect you! Sincerely, Larysa and Iryna.”

“We were able to feel at home”.

“We would like to thank you that we could feel at home a thousand kilometers away,” Tetiana Mykhailiuk wrote.

“I would like to thank the MEDEVAC HUB staff in Poland, who welcomed us, took care of us, showed us great care and attention. I can’t name a person directly, but I am infinitely grateful to each of you for your support. I’m going for treatment with confidence that everything will be fine with me. This is a great credit to the wonderful staff! A big thank you and a low bow. Greetings from Ukraine,” wrote a woman from the city of Brovary.

“Ukrainians from the city of Vinnytsia thank you from the bottom of their hearts for your caring attitude, sincerity, and support. All medics are people from God who support us at the right time. They not only do their work, they live it and endure all the experiences with people who need help. May your hearts continue to radiate sincere understanding and love. We wish you divine unearthly energy, health, and balance! Peace to you all! With gratitude Josiv, Pavel, Iryna. P.S. Thank you for the chance for a new life.”

“Boundless gratitude for the support and assistance given to the Ukrainian people in need! The city of Hadiach, Oleksandr Sivach.”

“For our freedom and yours”.

“We are very grateful for our admission to the HAB. I am grateful for the care and support of Ukraine by Poland. The staff is always positive: offering advice and support. Peaceful skies overhead.”

“In the name of God for our freedom and yours! Poland has not yet perished. Glory to Ukraine Glory to the heroes! Sincerely, from the city of Odessa, Nina Mayevskaya.”

MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka began operation on September 1, 2022, on the initiative of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and with the involvement of the Polish Ministry of Health. The center is run and managed by the PCPM Foundation and the Emergency Medical Team operating at it, the first and so far only such group in Poland certified by the WHO. The team was established to bring aid and rescue people in humanitarian crises and natural disasters.

MEDEVAC HUB Jasionka near Rzeszów is funded by the European Union under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. It is supported by the IOM, the World Health Organization, and the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. It provides a safe space for patients arriving from Ukraine before flying to a hospital in another European country for treatment. This is part of a broader medical evacuation program for Ukrainian patients launched by the European Union.