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PCPM Foundation started the implementation of financial assistance for domestic refugees in Ukraine

In June, the Polish Center of International Aid started implementing financial aid for Ukraine's internally displaced people (IDPs). With the support of an American CARE Foundation, Ukrainian families over the course of 6 months will receive financial support.

Nearly 200 teachers from Ukraine to find vacation jobs in Warsaw schools

Thanks to the cooperation between the City of Warsaw and the Polish Center for International Aid, almost 200 Ukrainian teachers will find summer jobs in Warsaw schools.

Shopping center in Iraq built by Poles with EU funding

The PCPM Foundation has just inaugurated a shopping center in the city of Telkaif in northern Iraq, which will house local vendors, service providers and medical services. It is the tallest building in the city (2 floors) and the only one equipped with an elevator. It is a visible sign of support from the European Union and Poland.

On the World Refugee Day the PCPM Foundation in cooperation with UNHCR launches a new cash assistance program for refugees from Ukraine

On World Refugee Day, the Polish Center for International Aid in partnership with the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), launched its cash assistance program for refugees from Ukraine residing in Lublin.

Як бізнес підтримує допомогу PCPM Україні

Ми глибоко зворушені тим, скільки компаній вирішили допомогти та підтримати діяльність Фундації Польський центр міжнародної допомоги за останні тижні. З початку війни в Україні до нас приєдналися виняткові партнери, і саме завдяки їм ми можемо діяти в таких масштабах і допомагати українцям та українкам. Ми всім вам дуже дякуємо!!!