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PCPM delivers development aid in northern Iraq – we provide modern equipment and support local businesses

The Polish Center for International Aid Foundation (PCPM) in northern Iraq is implementing a program of support to local governments in dealing with the effects of the conflict in Syria (MASAR).


In April, we provided IT equipment for the water directorate in Mosul, including computers, printers, servers and the internet. Moreover, we have set and fully furnished its office, providing air conditioning and software.

The main purpose if the works is digitalization of the institution, including water consumption readouts, invoicing, etc. Until now, all operations were recorded manually. Currently, the directorate employees are being trained to operate the new software.

Recently, we have also called bids for the supply of three drones for the directorates in Dahuk and Mosul. The devices equipped with cameras and other modern features will be delivered in June and will serve for the mapping of the terrain. This process is going to support, i.a. spatial planning, precise land registering and measurement for investments, or urbanization processes.

What is more in the city center of Tilkeif in the Nineveh province, we continue the construction of a roofed market. Its completion is scheduled for May 2022. In the same district in the town of Batnaya we have finished a construction of a sewage system.

As part of the support provided by the PCPM in Iraq, we also operate in Iraqi Kurdistan, where the greatest number of the Iraqi internally displaced people (IDPs) fled from the so-called Islamic State. In April, in the Sheikhan district, we called bid for equipment for 18 start-ups, run by women.

Previously, small business owners received a training on how to start and run a business. The participants of the program were selected based on the assessment of the received business plans. In March five local government units of Dahuk province, including the Sheikhan district, provided lifetime licenses for essential software, i.e. ArcGIS.

In addition, in the same administrative unit we continue our work on three water projects in the settlements of Shev Baluka, Bibava and Kame. They comprise the construction of water infrastructure with digitally controlled water pumps and a reservoir in Kame.

In Shev Baluka we also conducted a social campaign on how and why to save water; the PCPM employees distributed information leaflets locally.

The PCPM also carried other initiatives in Iraq. We provided 80 Sheikhan farmers with new equipment, including shaving and milking equipment for sheep and goats. All farmers also received appropriate training on the tools provided.

What is more, the local social welfare directorate received from us IT equipment, incl. computers, printers, monitors and video projectors.
In the near future, we plan more trainings in electronic equipment, general and business management, marketing and a separate for employees of the local social welfare directorate of the Sheikhan district.

The three main pillars of the PCPM initiative in northern Iraq is spatial planning, providing services and local development.