Poland EMT PCPM Experts Mission in Cairo

Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM experts have embarked on another mission in Cairo as part of the broader effort to address the conflict in the Gaza Strip, under the EU...
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panie siedzące przy biurku

Summary of PCPM’s activities in 2023

Providing aid in Ukraine, supporting vulnerable Lebanese families, and enhancing fire and ambulance service in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Palestine, Nutrition Centre in South Sudan. Read the report summarising the...
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Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM

The Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM is the only rapid-response medical team in Poland, and one of several in Europe, able to reach to areas affected by natural disasters (e.g....
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MEDEVAC Hub in Jasionka takes in the wounded from...

Norway, Sweden, Germany, or France are the countries to which war victims and cancer patients from Ukraine are sent for treatment. Medevac Hub Jasionka has been opened for these people,...
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We train medics in the West Bank in Palestine

Although paramedics are not lacking in the West Bank, Palestine, proper training is, and that is what the Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) is providing to the Palestinian population.
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