Poland EMT PCPM Experts Mission in Cairo

Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM experts have embarked on another mission in Cairo as part of the broader effort to address the conflict in the Gaza Strip, under the EU...
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Starsza pani w zniszczonym domu

Допомагаємо вижити сьогодні та планувати майбутнє в Україні

Відбудова, відновлення державних послуг, надання насіння для фермерів, а також продуктових наборів та засобів гігієни - Фонд "Польський центр міжнародної допомоги" допомагає жителям України вижити в сьогоденні та планувати майбутнє....
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The Polish Centre for International Aid Foundation has been operating in the West Bank since 2010.
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How Poland Emergency Medical Team faced COVID-19

Polish Emergency Medical Team PCPM is a WHO acredited emergency medical team comprised of over one hundred doctors, nurses, and other medical experts who provide rapid deployment to medical emergencies...
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The mission of Polish paramedics and doctors in Brescia

For almost a week, Polish doctors and paramedics have been fighting for the health and life of patients in Brescia, Italy. While taking all necessary safety precautions, they work 12...
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PCPM’s Emergency Medical Team deploys to Italy

Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM, classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO), will deploy to Italy. Polish medical staff will support combat with coronavirus in the frontline field hospital at...
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