The PCPM has delivered vehicles to Trostianets. This is an important step in the reconstruction of the city

Trościaniec pojazdy komunalne
Trościaniec pojazdy komunalne

Trostianets was occupied for more than a month. It was also one of the first major towns in Ukraine to be liberated. The PCPM Foundation, with the support of the Taiwanese community, is making a significant contribution to the reconstruction of Trostianets. In November, 5 buses, a dust truck, a sewage tanker, and ambulances were donated, which will reactivate many public services.

“Better than was”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski has selected 6 localities in Ukraine to be models of reconstruction after post-war destruction. Their goal is to make it “more beautiful than it was.” One of them is Trostianets. In this town, the PCPM Foundation is implementing a major project to support municipal services.

Trostianets, lies more than 30 kilometers from the Russian border. Before the war, it was a quiet town where music festivals were held and many people went to relax. The town is known for its large chocolate factory, where sweets known throughout Ukraine are produced.

The occupation of the city lasted until March 26. In resulted in massive theft of city equipment, and the central square near the train station was completely destroyed.

– Our city, fortunately, is not as badly damaged as other towns in Ukraine. The areas around the central station, where a lot of Russian military vehicles stood, suffered mainly. There, some storage buildings or railroad administration buildings were destroyed – says Yuri Bova the city’s mayor.

A much bigger problem for the city is the looted stuff.

– The entire city hall, furniture, computer windows, and equipment were all stolen. However, luck in misfortune we met with Anna Radecka from the Polish Center for International Aid Foundation – says Yuri Bova.

Help for Trostianets

PCPM, thanks to the support of the Taiwanese community, can help in many places in Ukraine. The foundation donates humanitarian aid to localities in Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv, Kherson, and many other regions, as well as supporting the development of towns like Trostianets.

The PCPM Foundation has donated five buses, an excavator, a dust truck, a sewage tanker, a sewer cleaning vehicle, and two ambulances to this city. This allows the city to resume many public services as well as save money.

Trostianets public buses

– The war consumes most of the national budget. We need to count every Ukrainian hryvnia twice and make the best use of it – Bova concluded.

– Among the six towns chosen as models for housing by President Zelenskiy, in as many as three of them our foundation has been helping for months. It’s a town like Posad-Pokrovske, where moments after the end of the occupation we sent and still send humanitarian aid. It’s also Tsyrkuny near Kharkiv, where we are repairing roofs and windows in 80 houses – says Anna Radecka of PCPM, project coordinator in Ukraine.

Mayor of Trostianets Yuri Bova speaks at the vehicle handover ceremony
Mayor of Trostianets Yuri Bova speaks at the vehicle handover ceremony

Polish Center for International Aid, also help to rebuild the city’s surveillance system.

– It is essential to us that our citizens can feel safe. Unfortunately, during the occupation, all the cameras were either stolen or destroyed by the Russians, and the cables were cut. Thanks to the PCPM, we were able to install cameras in the most significant points of the city – says Yuri Bova.