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The help of the PCPM Foundation has reached South Sudan!

A special food truck has arrived at its destination - the Gordhim Nutrition Center. For the fifth time, the PCPM Foundation was able to support the center located in the red zone on the hunger map. Thanks to individual contributions from each of you - thank you very much.


• Food transport has arrived at the Gordhim Nutrition Center!
• The PCPM Foundation has been supporting the center located in the red zone on the hunger map for years
• Sending specialist food was possible thanks to the support of Poles at pcpm.org.pl/sudan

1.4 million children in South Sudan need immediate help – they are extremely malnourished. That is why, as the Polish Center for International Aid, we announced the alarm at pcpm.org.pl/sudan.

Together, we collected funds to complete the full transport. Specialized food packed in 250 cartons traveled almost 2,000 kilometers to reach patients in a specific place, the Nutrition Center in Gordhim. Now the food will go to the neediest patients.

Thank you for your support!