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Change of the treatment method and building the COVID-19 ward. The PCPM rescuers in Uganda

The PCPM Medical Emergency Team has been supporting medical staff in the treatment of COVID- 19 patients at the Entebbe hospital in Uganda for several days. This is only part of the mission and help that the only team in Poland brings under the aegis of the World Health Organization.

Canteen for school chlidren in Ethiopia. It works thanks to donations from Poles!

Thanks to the commitment and donations of Poles, we support the feeding program for children at the Ethiopian Selam Chora school in Debre Berhan. And all with the utmost caution due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as shown in the latest photos. Check it out.

The help of the PCPM Foundation has reached South Sudan!

A special food truck has arrived at its destination - the Gordhim Nutrition Center. For the fifth time, the PCPM Foundation was able to support the center located in the red zone on the hunger map. Thanks to individual contributions from each of you - thank you very much.

PCPM for Ethiopia. The foundation’s new permanent mission in the world

It's official: we have registered the PCPM Foundation office in Ethiopia! The permanent mission in Ethiopia gives us the prospect of expanding our activities. Thanks to your engagement on pcpm.org.pl/etiopia

Wiedzę nabywaną latami przekazać musieli w kilka tygodni. Ratownicy PCPM wracają z misji w Etiopii

Medyczny Zespół Ratunkowy PCPM wraca z szóstej misji zagranicznej. Tym razem przygotowywał etiopską służbę zdrowia do skuteczniejszego mierzenia się z pandemią. Doświadczeni pracą w czerwonych strefach na trzech kontynentach ratownicy wracają do macierzystych placówek medycznych w całej Polsce. Nie zwalniają tempa. Teraz unikalnym doświadczeniem podzielą się w kraju.

We trained half of all Kenyan firefighters. During a pandemic, we learn online

We are implementing the largest Polish development aid project in Africa: we have trained half of the firefighters working in all counties of Kenya. The professionalization of the Kenyan guard, which is facing increasing challenges due to climate change, continues.

There is no school, so there is hunger. PCPM helping in Ethiopia

A meal at Selam Chora was the only one that most students of this Ethiopian school could count on. There was no food at home. Fear of a pandemic forced the Ethiopian authorities to introduce a state of emergency and close all facilities. When it happened, many Ethiopian families lost their last hope. In addition to the fear of a pandemic, the lack of chance for any earnings, every minute people are more and more terrified of hunger increased by the locust plague, which deprives them of any chance to buy the food. We can give them this chance trough na pcpm.org.pl/etiopia. 

Floods in Sudan: now the floods are destroying the crops

The element destroyed the crops thanks to which these people were to survive next year. Now they have been left without food - co-workers of the Polish Center For International Aid in South Sudan are alarming.