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PCPM instructors provide first aid training in Tanzania

- Often we scouts are the first to the place of accidents," points out Amina Maulid, a participant in Polish first aid training in Tanzania. The PCPM Foundation's program in Tanzania trains not only rescuers, but also nurses, firefighters, and scouts like Amina. The goal of this project is to increase security in the Dar es Salaam area. Not only are well-equipped hospitals and professional staff important in the health care system, but also the quick delivery of aid.

Kenyan firefighters trained by PCPM conducted a series of educational demo shows for the local population

Residents of the towns of Muranga and Ruiru in central Kenya could see and learn how to fight a fire and how to help victims of a car accident as local firefighters organized demo shows of their skills in both towns. Earlier, thanks to the initiative of the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM), they were trained by Polish specialists.

„Thanks to these trainings, I saved a child’s life!”. PCPM develops rescue in Tanzania

- Thanks to the training organized and led by the PCPM Foundation, I felt more confident and was able to save a child's life - said Innocent Douglas, who speaks with emotion about the details of the action. It is a project of the Polish Center for International Aid in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's largest city, that gives many medics a chance for proper training, and provides facilities with new equipment.

Polish instructors are training firefighters in Kenya. And they’re doing it brilliantly!

The PCPM Foundation runs Kenya's largest firefighter training program. Thanks to the Foundation's project. More than 60 percent of all firefighters in the country have been trained, A total of more than PLN 14 million has already been invested in Kenya through this project.

How many children will we be able to help in South Sudan this year? It depends on you!

Achol, Awang, Mary, Lam, Abuk, James. Of the six children born in South Sudan, four are currently suffering from hunger. This is the fate of as many as 1.4 million children in this country who are under the age of five.

Poles are training emergency services in Tanzania. The Polish Aid flagship program implemented by PCPM in Africa

A Thousand medical workers employed by PCPM are conducting training for sixty instructors and 120 members of emergency services in Tanzania. This new flagship project will provide a range of training and medical equipment in addition to training. Thanks to us, safety in the region of Tanzania's largest metropolitan area, Dar es Salaam, will significantly improve in two years.

PCPM train Kenyan firefighters. The only such project in Eastern Africa created by Poland

The Polish Center for International Aid trains and equips firefighters in Kenya. Recently, we drilled 21 people in first aid, and the trainees applied the received knowledge in a real-time event. When the first training stage ended, there was an accident between a mother with a child.

Change of the treatment method and building the COVID-19 ward. The PCPM rescuers in Uganda

The PCPM Medical Emergency Team has been supporting medical staff in the treatment of COVID- 19 patients at the Entebbe hospital in Uganda for several days. This is only part of the mission and help that the only team in Poland brings under the aegis of the World Health Organization.