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Change of the treatment method and building the COVID-19 ward. The PCPM rescuers in Uganda

The PCPM Medical Emergency Team has been supporting medical staff in the treatment of COVID- 19 patients at the Entebbe hospital in Uganda for several days. This is only part of the mission and help that the only team in Poland brings under the aegis of the World Health Organization.

PCPM provided supplies and experts support to fight COVID-19 pandemic in Lebanon

COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted people all over the world and it was not different in Lebanon. The country was already struggling with a deep economic crisis, so the pandemic and measures taken to fight with it were another blow for the most vulnerable people and to the struggling health system. PCPM with the funding from Taiwan ICDF supported primary healthcare centers with personal protective equipment and know-how, to make sure people can access the healthcare in a safe way. 

Heros on emergency COVID-19 response

The Corona-virus outbreak has been continuing to spread. By the beginning of May, the number of infected people worldwide surpassed 160 mln infections, and the death toll continues to rise. While traditional models of disease outbreaks largely focus on infection rates, the HERoS (Health Emergency Response In Interconnected Systems) project introduces new methods to integrate behaviour from the bottom up, and integrated in macro-level models to coordinate the response world-wide.

Response to COVID 19 in Tajikistan [VIDEO]

The response to COVID-19 in Tajikistan is WHO/Europe’s largest emergency operation in the European Region to date. At the Government’s invitation, a WHO mission arrived on the ground in May.

EMT PCPM supporting Ethiopia’s COVID-19 response efforts

The Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM (EMT PCPM) is deployed in the framework of the WHO Emergency Teams Initiative, at the invitation of the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. The team arrived in Addis on September 22d and will stay until October 18th, currently supporting the operations of the Millennium COVID Care Centre. 

Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM arrived in Ethiopia to assist in COVID response

Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM was deployed at the invitation from the Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia and funded by the Government of Poland. Members of the team are world-class specialists, operating under WHO network.