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A lack of bread, power, and fuel – Lebanon under crisis. They need organizations like PCPM

Another crisis hits Lebanon – an energy one. Some Beirut residents only have access to power for 1 hour per day and a lack of bread as a direct outcome of a country-wide shortage of flour. In these circumstances, they desperately need humanitarian aid.

Humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. PCPM medics come to rescue

The Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM assists people in need around the world. So far, we have worked mostly through our medical missions abroad. However, the current situation at the Polish-Belarusian border calls for our action here, close to our homes. We will work beyond the state of emergency zone, providing medical assistance to everybody who needs it.

Food for Lebanon. New humanitarian program of the PCPM Foundation

Single mothers, elderly people, people with disabilities and at risk of malnutrition. For them, the PCPM Foundation is starting a food program in Lebanon. Over the next few months, it will be delivering food parcels to the most urgently-needed residents of a state that is on the brink of economic disaster.

Lebanon: financial crisis

Lebanon is enduring a severe and prolonged economic depression. The effects of the economic crisis are being felt acutely by citizens, but also by local governments which are unable to provide their residents with access to basic public services due to the lack of subsidies from the state budget and the drastically falling collection of municipal taxes. Thanks to funding from Polish Aid, the PCPM Foundation continues its development mission in Lebanon.