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Why do Ukrainian children need an Education Center in Poland?

The PCPM Foundation runs an Education Center for Ukrainian children in Warsaw. The project was created and works in response to the needs and gives children from Ukraine a chance to learn normally in the same system in which they learned at home, to pass exams and be promoted to the next grade.

Nearly 750,000 Ukrainians in Poland have found jobs – PCPM has helped to employ more than 1,200 of them

Nearly 750,000 people from Ukraine are employed and insured, the Polish Social Insurance Institution (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych) indicated after the first 9 months since the war broke out. The PCPM Foundation has helped to employ more than 1,200 refugees in Poland and more than 500 in Ukraine during that time.

The PCPM Foundation runs the Education Center for Ukrainian kids in Warsaw

Two hundred Ukrainian kids from 11 groups attend the Education Center on Mokotowska Street, downtown Warsaw. It is a brand-new project. Overall the foundation allocated $18 million total for the Polish education system from overall activities. It is a tremendous help for the polish educational system but also helps the Ukrainian refugees to adapt to Poland.

PCPM provides specific help in Poland

We share our knowledge and equipment. We support those who have been fighting for our health and life in Poland for weeks. The medical staff can participate in our psychological and diabetes consultations. We don’t ignore people who found themselves in the most difficult situation during pandemic. So, our next action is – masks! We inform, sew, distribute! Our support is directed to home hospices and homeless people who will ask for it.