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Bakery, flower shop and beauty salon – women opened new businesses in Iraqi Kurdistan with PCPM’s aid

Forty local women took part in business courses organized by the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) in Sheikhan in northern Iraq. 19 out of 40 workshop participants opened their own new businesses in the city.

PCPM secures running water for thousands in Iraq’s Shekhan Region

'Thanks to funding from the Polish Center for International Aid for new wells, pumps, and pipes, 1,400 people in Iraq's Shekhan region have clean running water, and that number is expected to grow to 5,000 as the network expands' – said the Water Directorate Chief of the Shekhan region, Khairy Khader Yazdeen. The Polish Center for International Aid has established a water supply network in town within the Shekhan region of Iraqi Kurdistan and the main leak canal in Batnaya – a town in the federal part of Iraq.

PCPM Emergency Medical Team to lead newly opened Medical Transit Center at Rzeszow Airport

On September 1, 2022, the Medical Transit Center (MTC) at Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport was opened. Operating under the auspices of the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO), the PCPM Emergency Medical Team (EMT) will run the facility for the sick and injured from Ukraine.

Solidarity with Cyprus on helping refugees

Cyprus is a country where refugees represent 4% of the population. This is the largest ratio in the entire European Union. There are not enough places where refugee families could find shelter, which is why the PCPM Foundation has engaged in concrete help. The Foundation delivered modular homes recommended by UNHCR.

Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM recruiting!

Out of nearly a hundred applications from medics of various specialties, nearly forty qualified for the field recruitment stage of the Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM and tested their skills in simulated but difficult actions. For many hours the recruits tested their skills, resistance to stress, speed of decision-making, creative thinking and teamwork skills, but most of all they verified their medical knowledge in simulated rescue operations.