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They treat patients on the streets and on special buses. PCPM Emergency Medical Team in Beirut

PCPM emergency medicine and rapid response specialists see patients in a mobile clinic, because hospitals do not have enough space or are completely inaccessible. They also help in the streets. People who are coming to them either did not go to the hospital shortly after the explosion or were injured while removing the rubbles. The action for Beirut continues at PCPM.ORG.PL/BEIRUT

Over PLN 620 000 (USD 166 000) to help families after the Beirut explosion

Thanks to the generosity of Polish citizens, and the enormous media support, we raised over PLN 620 000 (USD 166 000) to help families after the massive explosion in Beirut. It has allowed us to organize two aid transports. We have been helping on the spot from the very first day of the tragedy: within a few hours of the blast, we started an action for Beirut, and within a few days from the tragedy, in-kind assistance reached the needy. The action continues at PCPM.ORG.PL/BEIRUT