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PCPM Foundation reaches villages in Zaporizhzhia with humanitarian aid

Collapsed buildings, broken roofs and trees. This is the view that PCPM Foundation volunteers saw as they reached frontline villages in the Zaporizhia region of Ukraine. The residents of the region need all the help they can get.

150 beds arrived to Mykolaiv. PCPM helps Ukrainians survive the winter

The PCPM Foundation, with the support of CARE, organized the delivery of 150 camp beds to Mykolaiv. „The city authorities asked us for exactly such assistance. We try to respond to such requests to the best of our ability," stressed Anna Radecka, PCPM Foundation's coordinator in Ukraine. - This project, is also part of preparation efforts for next possible mass arrival of refugees after the expected Russian offensive, Radecka adds.

PCPM Foundation delivers aid to devastated Ukrainian villages

The Polish Center for International Aid, in cooperation with the Ukrainian organizations "Flogiston Team" and "Ukrainian Frontiers", delivered humanitarian aid to destroyed villages in the south and east of the country. The parcels were received by residents of Lucha in the Mykolaiv region, and residents of several villages in the Kharkiv region.

Regular humanitarian aid deliveries to Ukraine. PCPM gets to where help is needed

In Lutsk, 300 families who had to flee the war-stricken east of Ukraine have just received aid from the Polish Center for International Aid Foundation, thanks to the support from the U.S.-based CARE organization. Regular missile alerts hindered the delivery and distribution of goods. Despite the circumstances, the foundation's volunteers and staff provided hygiene products and food.

The World Humanitarian Day – for us it’s like every other day – we do our thing

Today, like every August 19th since 2009, we celebrate the World Humanitarian Day. That’s our holiday too, but we don’t celebrate. We work hard everyday for those whose life or existence is under danger. Join us, without you we won’t make it.

It’s been three months since the war in Ukraine broke out. The PCPM Foundation provides medical assistance, and other forms of support from the very beginning of the conflict

Three months have passed since Russia attacked Ukraine. Due to the ongoing hostilities in the invaded country, over 3.3 million refugees came to Poland alone, the vast majority of which were women and children. From the first day of the conflict, the Polish Center for International Aid Foundation (PCPM) provides help to those in need both in Poland and in Ukraine itself, where the number of internal refugees is estimated at 7.7 million people.

’A safe place’ – PCPM foundation supports a refugee centre for people fleeing Ukraine

Mr. Maksym with his family of six was travelling from Ukraine to Srokowo for six days, while the group of women with children who arrived here escaping the war couldn’t take a bath for three weeks. "You should see the smiles on their faces when they came out of the bath with towels wrapped around their heads!" - expressed Ms Eva who runs the refugee centre in the Srokowo commune.

Two months have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. The PCPM Foundation helps Ukrainian people from the first day of the conflict

Two months have passed since the Russian troops attacked Ukrainian towns and villages. From the very first day of the conflict, the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) Foundation has been helping Ukraine and war refugees in Poland. From the perspective of the organization supporting the victims of this war, well-planned, specifically targeted help turned out to be of key importance. –‘We were already preparing for this before the conventional war broke out’ - explained Dr. Wojciech Wilk, CEO of the PCPM.