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Iraqi governors pay a study visit to Poland

In the first half of October, governors from Iraqi Kurdistan and Northern Iraq could exchange experiences with Lublin and Warsaw governors. They met in Poland while a study visit organized by the Polish Center for International Aid Foundation in partnership with the authorities of the City of Lublin International Cooperation Center and MPWiK. The initiative was funded by the EU from the MASAR (Maintaining Strength and Resilience for Local Governments) project.

Bakery, flower shop and beauty salon – women opened new businesses in Iraqi Kurdistan with PCPM’s aid

Forty local women took part in business courses organized by the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) in Sheikhan in northern Iraq. 19 out of 40 workshop participants opened their own new businesses in the city.

Drones, software funded by PCPM to help out urban planners in Northern Iraq

Advanced equipment and specified software received from PCPM allow us to plan spatial development and to improve the utility service quality within the city – said the head of Shekhan - Iraqi Kurdistan district, Khalid Nermo Zedo. The provided equipment for spatial development and road construction, water or electricity networks are that much more significant for the fact of mass immigration to this Iraqi province. The aid is worth $200 000 total.

Thanks to the PCPM Foundation, women in Iraq are setting off with their business activities

The women's economic activation program, run by the PCPM Foundation, is an important initiative not only for the residents of our municipality but also for our entire community, according to the chairman of the Shekhan municipality in Iraqi Kurdistan, Khalid Nermo Zedo. Thanks to the Polish Center for International Aid project, 19 women will receive funding to start businesses.

Shopping center in Iraq built by Poles with EU funding

The PCPM Foundation has just inaugurated a shopping center in the city of Telkaif in northern Iraq, which will house local vendors, service providers and medical services. It is the tallest building in the city (2 floors) and the only one equipped with an elevator. It is a visible sign of support from the European Union and Poland.

PCPM delivers development aid in northern Iraq – we provide modern equipment and support local businesses

The Polish Center for International Aid Foundation (PCPM) in northern Iraq is implementing a program of support to local governments in dealing with the effects of the conflict in Syria (MASAR).

Rebuilt infrastructure in Iraq is crucial [VIDEO]

PCPM Fundation rebuilt sewage infrastructure in Batnaya village destroyed during the recent war with ISIS. The investment worth of 200,000 USD was funded by the European Union under MASAR Programme.

Near to Mosul, PCPM Foundation builds a local market [VIDEO]

In Tilkeif town, north of Mosul, PCPM Foundation builds a local market. The investment, worth over USD 400 000 is implemented under EU-funded MASAR programme.