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PCPM delivered a mobile clinic and portable Ultrasound

The PCPM Foundation has delivered a new vehicle needed for the mobile clinic. ‘For driving to patients in distant areas, we had to rent a vehicle. The car given by the PCPM will allow us to save a lot of money’ – said doctor Jamil Al-Hamad, the mobile clinic’s staff member. Thanks to the support from the Foundation and the ‘Polish Aid’ development program several thousand people will receive access to i.e. USG examination.

PCPM Emergency Medical Team to lead newly opened Medical Transit Center at Rzeszow Airport

On September 1, 2022, the Medical Transit Center (MTC) at Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport was opened. Operating under the auspices of the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO), the PCPM Emergency Medical Team (EMT) will run the facility for the sick and injured from Ukraine.

Not only medicines and band-aids – the PCPM Foundation distributes medical equipment to Ukrainian hospitals

Six pallets of medical aid have arrived at hospitals in Svitlovodsk, Kharkov and Kryvyi Rih. Since the war started in Ukraine, the Polish Center for International Aid is organizing transports with medical support to Ukraine. Besides band-aids, medication, and special medical equipment (such as Ultrasound and ECG) the local medical facilities also received defibrillators.

Two months have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. The PCPM Foundation helps Ukrainian people from the first day of the conflict

Two months have passed since the Russian troops attacked Ukrainian towns and villages. From the very first day of the conflict, the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) Foundation has been helping Ukraine and war refugees in Poland. From the perspective of the organization supporting the victims of this war, well-planned, specifically targeted help turned out to be of key importance. –‘We were already preparing for this before the conventional war broke out’ - explained Dr. Wojciech Wilk, CEO of the PCPM.

Annual field drill of Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM [VIDEO]

Over three days we have set up large parts of our Type 1 fixed EMT and rehearsed the use of water supply and lighting systems, as well as conducted mandatory training for new EMT members.

How Poland Emergency Medical Team faced COVID-19

Polish Emergency Medical Team PCPM is a WHO acredited emergency medical team comprised of over one hundred doctors, nurses, and other medical experts who provide rapid deployment to medical emergencies across the world. In 2020, we had one greatest challenge in front of us, which is combating COVID-19 pandemics.

PCPM provided supplies and experts support to fight COVID-19 pandemic in Lebanon

COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted people all over the world and it was not different in Lebanon. The country was already struggling with a deep economic crisis, so the pandemic and measures taken to fight with it were another blow for the most vulnerable people and to the struggling health system. PCPM with the funding from Taiwan ICDF supported primary healthcare centers with personal protective equipment and know-how, to make sure people can access the healthcare in a safe way.