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The changing socioeconomic situation of most vulnerable Ukrainian refugees in Poland

The report summarizes three rounds of surveys conducted among the beneficiaries of Targeted Cash Assistance Program through which PCPM - in partnership with Care International in Poland, HelpAge, International Rescue Committee and the Taiwan Government - supported most vulnerable Ukrainian refugees in Poland during 2022. 

Six months since the war in Ukraine broke out – PCPM helps ceaselessly

Six months ago, at the crack of dawn we received a dramatic news from our co-workers in Kharkiv. The news leaped us on our feet. Тут почалася війна! We rushed to help right away. With Our support we’re doing it non-stop, because help is needed constantly.

PCPM Poland and Ukraine monthly report (July 2022)

PCPM Foundation is focusing its humanitarian assistance on three most vulnerable groups, unable to benefit from the access to job market: a) women with small children, b) elderly and c) persons with disabilities. While the Polish government is providing 500 PLN per month child benefit, other types of government-funded humanitarian or social assistance are yet to be commenced. See the full report of the PCPM Foundation.

Annual reports

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