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The PCPM Foundation is helping the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Tragic earthquakes occurred in southern Turkey. The epicenter is located near the city of Gaziantep, with a population of 2 million, where the scale of destruction is enormous. The cataclysm also affected Syria to a large extent. The PCPM Foundation has launched a fundraising action at pcpm.org.pl/pomoc to help the victims. The PCPM team is already on site.

Solidarity with Cyprus on helping refugees

Cyprus is a country where refugees represent 4% of the population. This is the largest ratio in the entire European Union. There are not enough places where refugee families could find shelter, which is why the PCPM Foundation has engaged in concrete help. The Foundation delivered modular homes recommended by UNHCR.

Ensuring shelter options to the most vulnerable families affected by the Beirut Port explosion [VIDEO]

In line with the wider humanitarian response and as part of the Shelter Sector priority actions, UN-Habitat through funding from the UN Central Emergency Relief Fund (UN CERF) and in collaboration with the Polish Center for International Aid has provided cash-for-shelter to a total of 800 households or 4,000 beneficiaries, for four months.

PCPM will deliver 500 homes to war-torn Mosul

Mosul, devastated by the civil war, can hardly be called a place where normal life can take place. After the military defeat of ISIS, residents could return to their homes - but the problem is that they have nothing to return to. The Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) will help them rebuild cities and towns that have turned into ruins.