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The rent subsidy program implemented in Lebanon by PCPM supports the poorest Lebanese and Syrians

The Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) has been running a rent subsidy program for the poorest residents of Lebanon for almost 8 years. Since 2020, the "Cash for Rent" program has also been used by Syrians who seek refuge in Lebanon from the war and the humanitarian crisis in their homeland.

PCPM will provide shelter for 25,000 Syrians in Lebanon

Crowded camps in northern Lebanon have never been so dangerous for thousands of people. The risk of a spreading the pandemic, the approaching winter, another year of life in poor and unsafe shelters - these are the problems that PCPM will face in a specific way thanks to the new humanitarian project.

Thanks to the Poles, PCPM bought houses for Syrian families

Thanks to the nationwide fund-raising campaign and huge media support, we have drawn attention to the dramatic situation of Syrian families, and we collected funds to buy 52 houses! After crossing 3.5 thousand kilometers, they will reach the most needy families in northwestern Syria, where the biggest humanitarian crisis of this century takes place.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon do not have to be afraid of fires anymore

9100 people in 93 refugee camps have now access to fire fighting equipment and are able to use it. Thanks to the trainings carried out by Polish experts, even the youngest residents know how to prevent the uncontrolled spread of fire and how to stop it before it becomes dangerous.