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After the earthquake in Turkey, a PCPM doctor is helping at a field hospital

- Many people do not have access to a doctor because clinics were destroyed in the earthquake. Almost half of the town of Türkoğlu, where I worked, is destroyed - says Hanna Ruta, a Poland Emergency Medical Team PCPM medic. Thousands of people in Turkey still need help.

The PCPM Foundation is helping the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Tragic earthquakes occurred in southern Turkey. The epicenter is located near the city of Gaziantep, with a population of 2 million, where the scale of destruction is enormous. The cataclysm also affected Syria to a large extent. The PCPM Foundation has launched a fundraising action at pcpm.org.pl/pomoc to help the victims. The PCPM team is already on site.

Thanks to the Poles, PCPM bought houses for Syrian families

Thanks to the nationwide fund-raising campaign and huge media support, we have drawn attention to the dramatic situation of Syrian families, and we collected funds to buy 52 houses! After crossing 3.5 thousand kilometers, they will reach the most needy families in northwestern Syria, where the biggest humanitarian crisis of this century takes place.