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„A safe place” – PCPM foundation supports a refugee centre for people fleeing war in Ukraine

Mr. Maksym with his family of six was travelling from Ukraine to Srokowo for six days, while the group of women with children who arrived here escaping the war couldn’t take a bath for three weeks. "You should see the smiles on their faces when they came out of the bath with towels wrapped around their heads!" - expressed Ms Eva who runs the refugee centre in the Srokowo commune.

PCPM у Варшаві керує Навчально-творчим центром для матерів з дітьми з України

Понад місяць у центрі Варшави, на вулиці Кролевській, у співпраці з mBank ми ведемо Навчально-творчий центр для дітей з України та їхніх мам. Щодня у нашому центрі ми маємо кілька десятків дітей-біженців, і лише у квітні ЦЕК PCPM скористалося понад 620 дітей!

How does business support the PCPM’s actions for Ukraine

We are deeply moved by the involvement of multiple companies in supporting the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) work in the past few weeks. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, we have received numerous offers from partners, who were willing to support our aid provided to people of Ukraine. This allowed us to scale up our projects. It’s time to thank You all for your great help!

Закінчився другий місяць війни в Україні. Фундація PCPM допомагає з першого дня конфлікту

Вже другий місяць відколи російські війська почали атаки на українські міста та села. З першого дня конфлікту Фундація PCPM допомагає Україні та біженцям у Польщі. З точки зору організації, яка підтримує постраждалих у цій війні, важливою виявилася добре спланована, конкретна допомога в конкретному місці. – Ми готувались до цього ще до початку конвенційної війни у нинішніх масштабах, – пояснює д-р Войцех Вілк, президент PCPM.

Every day our transports with humanitarian aid reach Ukraine

On April 11, the necessary medical supplies, medicaments and electrocardiogram and ultrasound machines were delivered to the children's hospital No. 9 in Kyiv. Furthermore, in recent days, more transports of medical and humanitarian aid provided by the Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) were sent to Ukraine.

The first two weeks of the cash program for basic needs for Ukrainian refugees in Poland

During the first two weeks of a pilot programme ‘the Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance for Ukrainian Refugees in Poland’ (MPCA), the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) has helped more than 730 refugee households i.e. over 1800 individuals.

Refugee reception and transit centre in Warsaw

The Polish Center of International Aid (PCPM) together with The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) along with the city of Warsaw have launched a refugee reception center for civilians fleeing the war in neighboring Ukraine. The facility is located in the immediate vicinity of Warsaw East Railway Station (Warszawa Wschodnia).

Teachers from Ukraine will help in Warsaw schools and kindergartens

Thanks to the agreement between Warsaw City Hall and the Polish Center for International Aid, 200 Ukrainian teachers will be employed in city schools and kindergartens. The refugees will work as assistants and will help Ukrainian children in educational centers to integrate. The cost of their employment, at this stage of the project, will be covered by American donors from the CARE organization.