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PCPM Foundation reaches out with aid to Zaporizhia’s frontline villages

Volunteers of the PCPM Foundation, regularly deliver aid to Zaporozhye. They also reached the Donetsk region. - We were driving past one of the schools, suddenly in the middle of the road we saw a huge rocket funnel. As it turned out later, two of them hit this school," reports Andrew, who travels to Ukraine with aid.

Програма дофінансування вартості оренди житла для мешканців центрів колективного розміщення

Знайдіть квартиру чи кімнату для оренди, а ми покриємо частину орендної плати

PCPM Foundation reaches villages in Zaporizhzhia with humanitarian aid

Collapsed buildings, broken roofs and trees. This is the view that PCPM Foundation volunteers saw as they reached frontline villages in the Zaporizhia region of Ukraine. The residents of the region need all the help they can get.

Polish Center for International Aid another year of support for Ukraine 🇵🇱🤝🇺🇦

The escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022, has led to a huge humanitarian crisis, which is the biggest challenge in the history of the PCPM Foundation. It is also a challenge for all of us in Poland. For since the first hours, we have been helping as we can those from Ukraine who have found refuge in our country, but also those who have chosen to stay in their war-stricken homeland. A year ago, we were awakened in the morning by a phone call from PCPM colleagues in Kharkiv...

Volunteers with the PCPM aid parcels in Ukraine: We reach completely destroyed cities

“We are reaching completely destroyed cities. In addition to food or clothes, we bring these people assurance that we are with them, that the world remembers and will help, that we are on their side...” – volunteers provide humanitarian aid from the PCPM Foundation.

Why do Ukrainian children need an Education Center in Poland?

The PCPM Foundation runs an Education Center for Ukrainian children in Warsaw. The project was created and works in response to the needs and gives children from Ukraine a chance to learn normally in the same system in which they learned at home, to pass exams and be promoted to the next grade.

The PCPM Foundation supports local governments and the Polish education system. The Foundation employs workers from Ukraine

As part of the intervention employment of refugees from Ukraine, we managed to support local governments throughout Poland. It is also a help for Polish teachers in schools where Ukrainian children attend to. Thanks to this, we also give relief to the Polish education system. Check it out.

150 beds arrived to Mykolaiv. PCPM helps Ukrainians survive the winter

The PCPM Foundation, with the support of CARE, organized the delivery of 150 camp beds to Mykolaiv. „The city authorities asked us for exactly such assistance. We try to respond to such requests to the best of our ability," stressed Anna Radecka, PCPM Foundation's coordinator in Ukraine. - This project, is also part of preparation efforts for next possible mass arrival of refugees after the expected Russian offensive, Radecka adds.