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MEDEVAC Hub in Jasionka takes in the wounded from Ukraine

People wounded during warfare and cancer patients from Ukraine go to Norway, Sweden, Germany, or France for treatment. The Polish Center for International Aid Foundation's newly established Medical Transit Center in Rzeszow runs for that kind of people.

What if the school does not have a place for my child? – Ukrainian parents ask – We answer

We are currently getting the most calls from parents of teenagers who are supposed to go to secondary schools in the new school year in Poland, said the head of the hotline office (+48) 22 100 13 00 for education for refugees from Ukraine in Poland, Roman Sikotsinskyi.

Six months since the war in Ukraine broke out – PCPM helps ceaselessly

Six months ago, at the crack of dawn we received a dramatic news from our co-workers in Kharkiv. The news leaped us on our feet. Тут почалася війна! We rushed to help right away. With Our support we’re doing it non-stop, because help is needed constantly.

PCPM Poland and Ukraine monthly report (July 2022)

PCPM Foundation is focusing its humanitarian assistance on three most vulnerable groups, unable to benefit from the access to job market: a) women with small children, b) elderly and c) persons with disabilities. While the Polish government is providing 500 PLN per month child benefit, other types of government-funded humanitarian or social assistance are yet to be commenced. See the full report of the PCPM Foundation.

Equipped ambulance funded by Ukrainian post office stamps auction goes to hospital in Ukraine

An ambulance with equipment financed, among other things, by funds raised during an auction of Ukrainian postage stamps will go to hospital eastern Ukraine. The auction was only possible thanks to the PCPM Foundation's cooperation with Gazeta.pl, Ukrayina.pl and the Allegro Charity portal.

Not only medicines and band-aids – the PCPM Foundation distributes medical equipment to Ukrainian hospitals

Six pallets of medical aid have arrived at hospitals in Svitlovodsk, Kharkov and Kryvyi Rih. Since the war started in Ukraine, the Polish Center for International Aid is organizing transports with medical support to Ukraine. Besides band-aids, medication, and special medical equipment (such as Ultrasound and ECG) the local medical facilities also received defibrillators.

Розвиваючі майстер-класи для жінок з України

Багато жінок отримали величезний досвід і змушені були вирішувати несподівані проблеми, пов’язані з переїздом до Польщі, – пише Кінга Громала з Центру освіти та творчості PCPM у вступі до семінарів для жінок. Це спонукало до створення спеціальної програми розвиваючих семінарів, на які українські жінки можуть записатися у Фундацію PCPM вже зараз.

Registration for cash assistance | Rejestracja do pomocy pieniężnej | Pеєстрація на грошову допомогу

Due to the large number of submission, the online registration for PCPM’s cash assistance program for Ukrainians with disabilities who arrived in Poland after 24 February 2022 is now CLOSED. | У зв'язку з великою кількістю заяв, онлайн-реєстрація на програму грошової допомоги PCPM для неповносправних українців, які приїхали до Польщі після 24 лютого 2022 року, ЗАКРИТА. | Z powodu dużej liczby zgłoszeń rejestracja internetowa do programu pomocy pieniężnej PCPM dla niepełnosprawnych Ukraińców, którzy przybyli do Polski po 24 lutego 2022 r. została ZAMKNIĘTA.