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World Humanitarian Day

The World Humanitarian Day – for us it’s like every other day – we do our thing

Today, like every August 19th since 2009, we celebrate the World Humanitarian Day. That’s our holiday too, but we don’t celebrate. We work hard everyday for those whose life or existence is under danger. Join us, without you we won’t make it.

Aid despite the risk. Today is World Humanitarian Day

By bringing help, they put their health at risk and can even lose lives. On World Humanitarian Day, we pay special attention to individuals who devote themselves to working for others around the world. Last year alone, 483 humanitarian workers were killed, kidnapped or injured – these are the highest statistics in the history of the rankings conducted so far. It is not only a risk, but also everyday hard work. 2020 exacerbates the difficulties faced by humanitarian workers. On the World Humanitarian Day, we sincerely thank them for their daily work in unusual conditions. #RealLifeHeroes.