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National Education Day in Poland is also their holiday – Halina, Oksana, and Katia work in Polish schools thanks to PCPM support

National Education Day is a holiday for all employees of Polish education and schooling. October 14 this year is also a holiday for hundreds of new teachers from Ukraine, who were forced to leave their homeland, and have begun supporting Polish schools with their work and experience.

Nearly 200 teachers from Ukraine to find vacation jobs in Warsaw schools

Thanks to the cooperation between the City of Warsaw and the Polish Center for International Aid, almost 200 Ukrainian teachers will find summer jobs in Warsaw schools.

Teachers from Ukraine will help in Warsaw schools and kindergartens

Thanks to the agreement between Warsaw City Hall and the Polish Center for International Aid, 200 Ukrainian teachers will be employed in city schools and kindergartens. The refugees will work as assistants and will help Ukrainian children in educational centers to integrate. The cost of their employment, at this stage of the project, will be covered by American donors from the CARE organization.