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Near to Mosul, PCPM Foundation builds a local market [VIDEO]

In Tilkeif town, north of Mosul, PCPM Foundation builds a local market. The investment, worth over USD 400 000 is implemented under EU-funded MASAR programme.

Iraqi Kurdistan. Milking and shearing equipment from PCPM [VIDEO]

Local farmers from Sheikhan received 80 sets of milking and shearing equipment from PCPM Foundation.

Training Course on Design of Water Networks by using the WaterGEMS Program has started

Practical trainings on Design of Water Networks by using the WaterGems program addressed to the staff of Directorate of Water in Niniveh Governorate and Directorate of Water in Duhok Governorate are being provided by two professional trainers in coordination with PCPM staff. 

Construction of the New Market in the City Centre of Tilkeif MASAR.IQ.6.PCPM

The above contract has been awarded to Zewa Company for Contracts Ltd. (KRO Sq., Duhok, Iraq). The contract value is 412,113.50 USD (four hundred twelve thousand one hundred thirteen and 50/100 US dollars).

Iraqi Kurdistan. Good quality water already flows from the taps!

Residents of the Iraqi settlement Shev Baluka have access to drinking water! Just a few months ago they were trying to deliver it by connecter garden hoses, and today water already flows from the taps. It is one of several places in Iraqi Kurdistan, where the PCPM Foundation develops the savage network. Soon works will also start in the federal part of Iraq.

Iraqi fields like deserts. Thanks to PCPM, residents have access to water

Bibava and Kame are Iraqi villages located far from the center of the Sheikhan District and inhabited by dozens of many-children-families trying to make a living by working in the fields and sheep farming. They are “trying” because the temperature exceeds 40 degrees for six months of the year, and the drought has turned the surrounding fields into a desert. The PCPM Foundation found a solution and took care of access to water in this area. Water is already gushing from the ground - reports Jarek Zarychta from Iraqi Kurdistan.

How to solve the problems of cities in northern Iraq?

Iraqi Kurdistan has become a rescue for almost a million refugees. Families who fled the persecution of the Islamic State or the terror of the war in Syria. Cities are expanding at a dizzying pace here, and local authorities and institutions need expert support to be able to face a number of challenges and problems of the entire region.

Liban: skutki konfliktu w Syrii

Działania na rzecz wzmocnienia zdolności władz lokalnych w Libanie w radzeniu sobie z demograficznymi skutkami konfliktu w Syrii