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Twoja urodzinowa zbiórka na Facebooku – dobry sposób na pomaganie

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Why do Ukrainian children need an Education Center in Poland?

The PCPM Foundation runs an Education Center for Ukrainian children in Warsaw. The project was created and works in response to the needs and gives children from Ukraine a chance to learn normally in the same system in which they learned at home, to pass exams and be promoted to the next grade.

The PCPM Foundation supports local governments and the Polish education system. The Foundation employs workers from Ukraine

As part of the intervention employment of refugees from Ukraine, we managed to support local governments throughout Poland. It is also a help for Polish teachers in schools where Ukrainian children attend to. Thanks to this, we also give relief to the Polish education system. Check it out.

Nearly 3200 refugees in 21 cities in Poland received cash assistance – UNHCR and PCPM cooperate to help those in need

The PCPM Foundation, in cooperation with the UNHCR, visited 21 cities and towns in Lubelskie Voivodeship, registering close to 3200 refugees to the cash assistance program. Within the program, we assist families with kids, people with disabilities, and seniors.

More than 500 job vacancies for refugees and residents in 11 Ukrainian municipalities. A brand-new emergency employment program implemented by the PCPM Foundation

‘Through work, the locals can get to know their guests. The residents see that the refugee population does something good for the local community. This prevents tensions’ – says Michal Kulpinski from the PCPM who just came back from Ukraine. The Foundation supports the employment of over 500 refugees and local unemployed people.

The PCPM Foundation is the first Polish organization to help Ukrainian refugees in Latvia

The Polish Center for International Aid Foundation is the first organization in Poland to help Ukrainian refugees in Latvia. According to the UN above 1,5 MLN Ukrainians were exiled to deep territories of Russia. They try to go back now. ‘I feel like we are back in 1940 again when millions of civilians were exiled into deep parts of Russia’ – said dr Wojciech Wilk, the PCPM Foundation President. – Now we are trying to help the victims of those expulsions.

The PCPM runs an education hotline for Ukrainian refugees

The PCPM Foundation will run the education hotline for Ukrainian refugees in Poland until the end of this year. From the start of this month, the Polish Center for International Aid(PCPM) will run it individually, however still at (+48) 22 100 13 00.

Equality versus equity. How complementary approaches are required to support vulnerable Ukrainian refugees

Equality versus equity is a joint paper prepared by a team of NRC and PCPM experts exploring the social assistance extended to refugees from Ukraine who arrived in Poland since the escalation of the war in February 2022.